About the review

In 2019 the government’s manifesto committed to review the children’s social care system to make sure children and young people get the support they need. 

On 15th January 2021, the independent review of children’s social care was announced and Josh MacAlister was appointed as chair of the review. The terms of reference of the review set out its wide ranging and ambitious scope. 

Josh started full time on the review on 1st March 2021 and the work of the review is now getting underway. We plan to set out our case for change in the summer, highlighting what most needs changing in children’s social care. This will give everyone the opportunity to understand the review’s thinking and tell us whether we have missed or misunderstood anything. The review will then begin to build recommendations for how the system can be improved, still feeding in a wide range of views, culminating in the review’s final recommendations and report.

Josh has published more details about his early plans for the work of the review, including the overarching questions the review should focus on and it’s different strands of work. We’d welcome feedback on this document, which you can send to Review.ChildrensSocialCare@education.gov.uk.