The final word – from the Expert by Experience board 

As the review draws to a close we wanted to give the final word to the Expert by Experience board who have contributed so much over the past 15 months and who continue to campaign for change.  The text below originally appeared as the Expert by Experience foreword to the final report. Their call to […]

We need to place relationships front and centre of children’s social care 

Mags Mulowska, a member of the Experts by Experience board, explains why relationships are so important in children’s social care. Mags is a care experienced community organiser and supported her siblings through their care experiences and worked as a children and families social worker.   According to a recent study from Bristol university, relationships are […]

Children in care are being pulled in to do the dirty work on County Lines 

One area under consideration by the review is harms outside the home, including criminal exploitation of young people – something children in and on the edge of care are more vulnerable to. ‘County lines’ is a phrase that’s increasingly used in the media and by policy makers to describe drug trafficking into rural areas and […]

The chance to hope and the opportunity to take action

From August to October around 200 people with a huge variety of experiences of children’s social care gave up their time to take part in a series of online meetings called Bridge the Gap. These events used an ‘Open Spaces’ model to bring people together to identify problems and suggest solutions. Elisha Mulvaney writes about […]