Call for Ideas

The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care was announced in January 2021 and at every stage of the review we have asked for input.

In early November, as the Review moved into its final few months, we asked people to share their ideas for change with us through our ‘Call for Ideas’.  

Our Call for Ideas ran for six weeks between 4 November and 15 December, and provided a chance for everyone to share their thoughts about how to improve children’s social care and inform the review’s final recommendations next spring.

We invited people to submit all types of ideas – from those suggesting transformational changes to the way the children’s social care system operates, to very specific ideas which could improve care in a particular area. 

At the end of the review we will publish all submissions that we received through the Call for Ideas in full, including the name of the organisation or individual who submitted it (except where someone has requested their idea to be published anonymously).

Submissions to the Call for Ideas are being considered alongside the suggestions we captured through our wide-ranging engagement with children, young people and others who have lived and professional experience of children’s social care. 

Details about how the Department for Education, on behalf of the Review, stores your information and our privacy notice specifically for those engaging with Review can be found here.