Call for Ideas

The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care was announced in January 2021 and at every stage of the review we have asked for input.


When the review was announced in January we asked for submissions through a Call for Advice and a Call for Evidence in March when we launched. In June we set out the Case for Change which was our early diagnosis of the problems informed by the evidence and advice you gave us as well as early conversations with people with lived experience of children’s social care. 


From June to August you submitted feedback to the Case for Change and from June through to October hundreds of people took part in meetings, events and focus groups which allowed for rich conversations and discussions. 


As the Review moves into its final few months – we would now like you to share your ideas for change with us. In this phase we are pooling ideas around solutions which will help inform the review’s final recommendations next Spring. Ideas submitted through this form will be considered alongside the suggestions we will capture through engagement with children, young people and others who have lived and professional experience of children’s social care. 

We do not want you to limit your thinking. Ideas could range from those which make transformational changes to the way the children’s social care system operates, or might be something very specific to your circumstances, or something you think would improve care in your area. Your idea may be something which can be actioned immediately or a transformation  which will take a number of years to deliver. You can structure your submission however you like, but we would suggest that you identify: 

  • What will change as a result of your idea? 
  • Who will be affected if your idea is implemented? 
  • Are there any challenges or risks associated with implementing your idea? 


This form will remain open for 6 weeks – until 5pm on 15th December 2021.

At the end of the review we will publish all submissions that we received through this process in full, including the name of the organisation or individual who submitted it. If you mark that your response is on behalf of an organisation we will only publish the name of your organisation. If you mark that you are responding as an individual we will publish your name. It is important that you clearly indicate if you want your response to be published anonymously. 

Details about how the Department for Education, on behalf of the Review, stores your information and our privacy notice specifically for those engaging with Review can be found here.