The Review’s secretariat includes a small team of analysts and researchers who will ensure its recommendations are based on the best available evidence.

Evidence Group

The Review is supported by the Evidence Group. You can read more about the Evidence Group here.

Call for Advice

When the Review launched, Josh published a Call for Advice, to help shape the work of the Review. We have had over 900 responses, which have helped shape the early work of the Review.

You can read about early findings of the Call for Advice here and a summary of responses to the Call for Advice can be found in the ‘supporting evidence’ annex of the Case for Change.

Call for Evidence

In March 2021, Josh also launched a Call for Evidence to identify the wealth of existing evidence and research to help support the Review.

The Call for Evidence was open between 1 and 30 March and was primarily aimed at researchers and those delivering services which had been evaluated. We received over 200 responses, all of which have been considered when writing the Case for Change.

You can find a summary of responses to the Call for Evidence in the ‘supporting evidence’ annex of the Case for Change.

Partnering with What Works for Children’s Social Care

What Works for Children’s Social Care is the Review’s “what works” partner, they will support the review by producing and commissioning evidence summaries, rapid reviews and new analysis.

We have also asked the Early Intervention Foundation and What Works Centre for Children’s Social Care to develop a matrix which maps evidence-based interventions against the needs of children and families.

Research with children and families who have experienced children’s social care

We are working with the Policy Lab to better understand the experiences of children and parents in receipt of social care services through undertaking research using ethnographic methods.  This ‘Spotlight on Families’ will include remote semi-structured interviews and video diaries, and will provide detailed insights into participants’ experiences to inform the review’s recommendations.

Partnering with Alma Economics

We are working with Alma Economics to estimate the costs associated with the current children’s social care system and the cost-effectiveness of the Review’s recommendations as they develop. 

The first part of this work focussed on estimating the social costs of adverse outcomes for children who have a social worker (for example in education, health, employment and other areas), and the amount spent on children’s social care and associated public services .

In November 2021, we published ‘Paying the price’ – a report summarising the results of this research. It estimates the annual social cost of adverse outcomes for all children who have ever needed a social worker  at  £23 billion.

The second stage of the work will  estimate the potential costs and benefits of the recommendations that emerge out of the review when they are developed. The evidence  from this work will feed into the review’s final report.

Paying the Price and supporting technical reports can be accessed below.