Supporting Evidence

Supporting annexes

Recommendations annexes

The Recommendations Annexes provide more detail to support the report including rationale, implementation and cost benefit analysis.

Costings technical report

How we calculated costs and benefits.

Children's rights statement

An analysis of the positive and potential negative impact of the review’s recommendations on children’s rights, with potential mitigations where negative impact is possible.

Local deep dives

Summarises our learning findings from work with 10 local areas learning from those who work in, and run and have lived experience of the children’s social care system.

Racial and ethnic disparities in children's social care

Race disparities in children’s social care.

Teenagers’ pathways through children’s social care

Analysis of teenagers’ journeys through children’s social care.

Call for ideas

Your responses to our call for ideas.

Department for Education - Commissioned Reports

Drivers of activity in children's social care

Ethnicity and children's social care

Children's social work workforce: attrition, case loads and agency workforce

Post-16 educational and employment outcomes of children in need

Early Intervention Foundation

What works to support families

What Works for Children's Social Care