Thank you for visiting the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care’s website. 

Following the publication of the independent review in May 2022, the Government has published its strategy and consultation on children’s social care, Stable Homes, Built on Love. The strategy and consultation was published on 2nd February 2023.  It responds to the recommendations made by the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care and also to the Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel report into the tragic murders of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes and Star Hobson; and the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) Review into children’s social care placements. 

This website will be closed down by 10th March 2023. An archived version will be saved with the National Archives and will be available in due course. 


Josh MacAlister

Josh is Chair of the independent review of children’s social care

A former teacher, Josh founded the social work charity Frontline in 2013. He has now stepped down from his role as Chief Executive to lead the review.

Josh is committed to thinking afresh about how we support children without the safety, stability and love that many of us take for granted. Under his leadership, the review will deliver a wide-ranging plan to extend the joy, growth and safety of childhood and the esteem, love and security of family life to all children.

Shazia Hussain

Shazia is the head of the review team of the independent review of children’s social care

Shazia is a member of the Senior Civil Service. She leads the team that supports the work of the review reporting directly to Josh on all aspects of the review’s work.

The review team is made up of civil servants from across government from a range of backgrounds and disciplines. The review team has a range of work streams to support the review, including on research and analysis, and engagement as well as supporting the development of recommendations.