Workforce engagement plans

‘We want to hear the views and experiences of those of you who might recognise your role as being part of children’s social care, such as social workers or children’s home staff, but also those of you who are teachers, police officers or do voluntary work with children and families. The workforce engagement plan sets out the three broad ways to get involved with the review:

  • Co-led events
  • Online surveys and polls
  • Focus groups

To do this, we would like to work with Local Authorities and the many existing groups and networks that support and employ those of you who work with children and families. If this described your role or organisation then please complete the expression of interest survey below and the review team will be in touch with you to arrange how best to hear the views of your members and networks soon.

‘Expression of Interest survey for Local Authorities and Organisations’ link is:

Some of you may not be part of an organisation or may wish to share your views confidentially or in a different way. If you are a member of the workforce and would like to share your views and experiences with the review, please complete the expression of interest survey below and the review team will be in touch with you soon to ensure your voice is heard.

‘Expression of Interest survey for individual workforce members’ link is:

We have also partnered with the What Works Centre for Children’s Social Care – which will also be running six polls over the coming months for social workers to feed in their thoughts to the review. If you are a registered social worker and would like to sign up to all of the What Works Centre for Children’s Social Care polls, please click here.

It is vital that the review hears from people who work with children and families, so we can understand how children’s social care currently works and your ideas for making things better for the children and families you work with and support. We thank you in advance for taking the time to share your unique views and insights with us on these areas.

What support is available to people who take part in the review?

Many of you may already have individuals and organisations in your lives who can provide emotional support, and we encourage you to use any existing and familiar support networks that are in place. However, where this isn’t the case, the review has partnered with the NSPCC helpline to provide support to everyone participating in the review.

For more information on the bespoke services available, including web chat and email, please visit the independent review of children’s social care support page for adults here. You can also speak confidentially to an independent qualified practitioner before, during or after the event by calling our free dedicated helpline on 0800 233311.

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